Fantasy Chess

Every. Piece.

Pawn chess piece
Bishop chess piece
Knight chess piece
Rook chess piece
Queen chess piece
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They’ve been waiting since the 6th century CE.

Fantasy Chess LIVE from Norway Chess

29th of May - 09th of June a group of people are playing the very first round of Fantasy Chess.
You can follow the live standings here.

Top 10 right now
  • 1Player icon


    310 pts

  • 2

    Rock around the clock

    288 pts

  • 3

    The most fantastic chess team

    278 pts

  • 4


    274 pts

  • 5

    bongKLoud Defense

    271 pts

  • 6

    Disguised Lobster

    271 pts

  • 7

    Enthusiastic Amateurs

    270 pts

  • 8


    266 pts

  • 9

    Tari's KS Knight

    266 pts

  • 10

    The Losing Team

    264 pts

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